Xrev Transmit – Aconex Integration

With Xrev Transmit now integrating directly with the online collaboration software Aconex, we wanted to clarify some recent queries we’ve had regarding this functionality.

Some users were concerned that they wouldn’t have the chance for the exports and prints to be reviewed prior to being published to Aconex.  When we designed the Aconex integration we were well aware of this requirement.  A number of our customers review each of the PDF’s after the export and digital sign each of them.  Xrev Transmit completely supports this workflow.  The only requirement being that you don’t move the files from where Xrev Transmit exports them to, and you don’t change their names.

Once the drawings are approved for issue, open up your Revit project, choose publish to Aconex and select the files you wish to publish (from the previously exported/printed list of files within Xrev Transmit).  Job done, files are automatically superseded, new files are automatically registered and parameters from Revit are used to pre-populate the Aconex fields.

If you’d like to test on a trial Aconex project prior to using it on a live project, please let us know as we are happy to arrange this with Aconex.

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