This amazing content represents a massive investment from Xrev over 2 years! Save your time and money and buy some of the best Revit content there is today! Built by some of the most experienced Revit users in the industry, every piece of Generic Content we create begins with days of intensive research to ensure we understand exactly what functionality the content requires to cover all your modelling requirements. We also review our numerous clients documentation requirements to ensure when utilised it results in clear, excellent quality documentation with minimum effort and offers all the flexibilty required for the various types of views, scales, and schedules it needs to appear end. Furthermore, we've researched local codes to help ensure your modelled meets those codes.

Available now, simply contact our sales team for pricing and extensive information. Below outlines some of the suites and keep track of our YouTube channel to keep up to date on all the latest developments. Choose to purchase individual families, particular suites, or purchase the entire library. THe more you purchase the greater the discount.

We even have a series of our ANZRS Project Templates to purchase, which includes a Multi-Discipline, Structural & Architectural Template. These have entire annotation libraries, View Templates, System Family Libraries, customised Family Templates, Material Library, Instructions built in, all named consistently with schedules setup to work straight away with the Content Suites...

The Content Suites

Our ever expanding Generic Content suite currently covers the following suites:

  • Amenities & Accessibility Suite
  • Casework Suite
  • Ceiling Suite
  • Curtain Panel - Door Suite
  • Detail Suite
  • Door Suite
  • Floor Suite
  • Ladder Suite
  • Materials Suite
  • Office Suite
  • Parking Suite
  • Roofs Suite
  • Structural Columns Suite
  • Structural Foundations Suite
  • Structural Framing Suite
  • Vertical Transportation Suite
  • Walls Suite
  • Window Suite

Many of these also include localised Type Catalogs for various regions around the world including Imperial (North America), Metric (New Zealand), Metric (Europe) and Metric (Australia).

Amenities & Accessibility Suite

Highly parametric Revit families for Amenity Fitouts including line based Toilet Stalls, Urinal Stalls, Shower Stalls, Disabled Bathrooms/Showers, End of Trip facilities, Tactile Signage and indicators and much more. All built to the Australian & New Zealand Revit Standards, with all parts individually schedulable and interchangeable, sub-category control, detail level control, complete with render ready materials.


Visit our youtube channel for videos of the individual families in action!

Details Suite

Highly parametric Revit families for Detailing. All built to the Australian & New Zealand Revit Standards, line based control, instance options for end conditions and much more... With these you can create taggable, smart details in seconds!


Visit our youtube channel for videos of the individual families in action!

Door Suite

Highly parametric Revit families for Doors. 21x Doors covering all the different operation types: Hinge, Pivot, Sliding, Face Slider, Cavity Slider, Sectional Overhead, Roller, Operable Walls as well as corner conditions. Huge amount of frame, hardware and panel options ensuring you can achieve the look you want all designed with documentation in mind.


Visit our youtube channel for videos of the individual families in action!

Ladder Suite

A suite of parametric ladders compliant with AS1657-1992. With these families you can just concentrate on your design, as the families are set so they only operate within the limits of the code. Invalid values are automatically corrected to allowable limits.

Control Materials, Widths, Numbers of Risers, Incline Angles, Clear Widths, Tread dimensions, Stile dimensions, Guard rails, etc. Level to Level based families allow for easy placement and automatic updating if you change your levels. Origin located at top level to ensure fixing point doesn’t move. Head Clearances in Section for design verification. Cage options where applicable


Visit our youtube channel for videos of the individual families in action!

Casework Suite

An extensive suite of Casework that's powerful, modular and easy to use and apply to many scenarios. Whether it be Bathroom Joinery, Kitchens, Laundries, Robes, Office Fitouts, Hospitals or Retail that utilise standard type modules, this suite will greatly improve your productivity.

  • Full adherence to ANZRS Shared Parameers and sub-categories give you find grained graphical control and easy scheduling.
  • Consistent parameters throughout all families, grouped for easy reference and comprehensive tooltips built in, ensure you can be productive straight away.
  • Material and Finish parameters for carcass, glazing, fronts, kickpanels and hardware ensure you can accurately apply material tags and produce finishes schedules without nasty workarounds.


Visit our youtube channel for videos of the individual families in action!