RTC Australasia 2012 – Great Success

Recently we attended to the RTC Australasia 2012 held at the Novotel, Wollongong, NSW, Australia.  We had two speakers at the event as well as a stand to promote our current products and to provide a sneak peak to the upcoming release.

Chris Price presented a lab on “Finish my Family”, whereby we took 7 broken or inefficient families and went through the process of fixing or optimising them so they were easy to use, looked good in our documentation and didn’t bog down the model.  Everyone was able to follow along and I believe most took some useful tips and tricks away with them to become better family authors.  They also got to take home some highly complex and extremely useful families for free!!

Matt Siebert gave two presentations.  A lab on the Revit API and programming concepts along with a formal talk.  Unfortunately they ended up being scheduled in the wrong order, as the talk was meant to precede the lab.  I believe those in the lab were able to appreciate the complexities with programming and making quality applications, and as a result, Matt only made it through about 50% of the presentation.  As such he will be making the talk available online in a video format so you can play and pause things whilst you follow along.

Our stand was visited by hundreds of Revit users.  Our existing customers were praising us on our current version of Xrev Transmit and advising of the excellent time savings being appreciated by their users.  For many though, it was the first time they have seen Xrev Transmit and were very keen on the benefits to be gained.  For those that saw the all new version we had excellent feedback on our Aconex integration as all users who had experienced Aconex were often frustrated by the data entry steps to fill our all fields per file.  Not when the new Xrev Transmit though as it is able to pre-populate many of the Aconex fields from Revit information and upload both new and supersede existing documents.

Matrix transmittals was another item high on the agenda of our users, are we were glad to be able to say that the new version has made this fairly simple to implement.  So watch this space.

A big thanks to all those that came and visited us and look forward to speaking with you in the future!

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