New Build – Xrev Transmit

A new build of Xrev Transmit (2.5.11) will be uploaded to our website shortly (if not already).  Whilst we still include BioPDF, which is a commercial grade PDF writer.  We now offer official support for alternative PDF Writers as we understand some companies have already invested in a commercial PDF writer and would prefer to use that.  We now support silent printing and customisable automatic naming to:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Bluebeam PDF
  • PDF Creator

For those that requested PDF Xchange, we did try, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible without a very significant time investment and purchasing access to their SDK.

We’ve also listened to all those using our Aconex integration.  The Aconex Document Number can now be configured using the same user friendly naming rules of other parts of our product.  If there are certain formats you don’t want to publish to Aconex you can now filter these out in the Format Settings, by deselecting “Use this format with Aconex”:

Aconex Flag & Naming Rule

Finally, we’ve resolved another potential scenario where you may receive an error “Unable to save PrintSetting” the first time you go to use Xrev Transmit each session.

Comment and let us know what we should be working on next, or if you have any issues with this latest update!

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