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From people that have been using Revit on a daily basis since 2001 comes the most user friendly, efficient, reliable and accurate way to issue your Revit deliverables. Xrev Transmit transforms the tedious and redundant task of issuing drawings into a simple step by step process.

Increased Productivity

Spend less time worrying about the issue process! Simply select, set, check and issue. Xrev Transmit does the rest. Have a cup of coffee or move onto the next project while Xrev Transmit generates your selected deliverables in one process.

With features like:

  • Centrally managed settings
  • Simultaneous Printing & Exporting of multiple formats
  • In-built PDF support
  • Automatic File Naming
  • Predefined Output Locations
  • Customisable, automatically generated Transmittals
  • Aconex Integration

You'll wonder how you ever did without Xrev Transmit.

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Quality Assurance

Traditionally, issuing of drawings is a process prone to human error. A boring and repetitive process that requires accuracy and precision in terms of ensuring files are named correctly, revision numbers are consistent and correct through the file names, titleblocks, and transmittal. Xrev Transmit utilises all information directly from the Revit sheets themselves to populate the file name and transmittal ensuring consistency and correctness!

Easy Installation & Setup

All of these fantastic features are delivered through a very simple installation and setup process. Don't go through a painful process of having to setup special shared parameters, change titleblocks or trying to interpret complicated settings windows for every project. Xrev Transmit has been built to maximise the in-built features of Revit such as the existing Revisioning toolset and all the inbuilt parameters for Revit Sheets and Project Information. Create company defaults and reuse them or use other projects as templates Xrev Transmit does everything it can to avoid entering the same information more than once.

What does this mean?

Ease of use, quickly adapted for new projects, increased productivity!

Time Savings

Below we tracked the time savings of conventional Revit issuing workfows with Xrev Transmit:


Issue 40 Revit sheets in A1 PDF, DWG 2004, A1 Plots and produce a transmittal ensuring to up all the revisions and all digital fle names are to have the following naming convention:



Manual Method
Staff Time 01:00:00
Computer Time 01:20:10
Xrev transmit Method**
Staff Time 00:00:42
Computer Time 00:14:06

** Timings indicative only, and will vary based on numerous factors such as computer specifications and model complexity.


Easy Installation & Setup

We’ve spent countless hours ensuring that our products are simple to install & setup. With features such as:

  • Single Installation Package
  • Scripted deployment using Public Properties
  • Stand Alone & Site Licensing
  • No Complicated Shared Parameter Setup
  • Use the in-built Revit Revisioning / Clouding and Tagging Tools
  • Very Simple Learning Curve

Download the trial now to see for yourself.

Easy Installation & Setup
User Interface

User Interface / Ease of Use

Simplicity of use is a necessity for all our tools.

  • Wizard Style User Interface - no overwhelming options, just what you need and when.
  • Stylish and Clean Layout
  • Fully Scalable Windows - run at any resolution (above 800x600 recommended)
  • Customisable Columns
  • User Interface Changes are remembered for next time
  • Bulk Selection & Editing

In-built PDF Support

Don’t currently have a PDF printer or not happy with the one you are using. No problem, it’s included.

  • In-built PDF printer (BioPDF)
  • Support for Adobe PDF, PDF Creator & Bluebeam PDF (NEW)
  • Added support for other PDF Printers upon Public demand and Capability
In-built PDF Support
Export & Print Multiple Formats Simultaneously

Export & Print Multiple Formats Simultaneously

The best part of our tool is its multi-tasking capabilities. Don’t worry about pesky prompts for names and locations for every sheet.

  • Export & Print to DWF, DWFx, DGN, DWG, DXF, PDF, RVT or your network Printers simultaneously
  • Predefne your naming conventions based upon actual in-built Revit parameters
  • Predefine your output locations, whether your issues are sorted by format, by date or however you like...
  • Need DWG’s to be in a separate folder to PDF’s? No Problem!
  • Need all your issued documents to be in a single folder? Too Easy!

Integrated Transmittal

By using a tool that automates the creation of the transmittal you’ll ensure consistency between the files with reduced human errors.

  • Fully Customisable Transmittal Design - sample template supplied.
  • Per Issue & Matrix Style Transmittals
  • Choose betwen using our Report Designer or MS Word for customising the Transmittal
Integrated Transmittal

Integration with Aconex

Aconex is the most widely-used online collaboration platform and document control system in the world for construction, infrastructure, energy and resources projects. Xrev Transmit makes it simple to share your Revit Project with team members by publishing it to Aconex:

  • Upload multiple formats simultaneously (DWG, DGN, DWF, DWFx, PDF, DXF, RVT),
  • Prepopulate the Aconex fields using Revit Parameters,
  • Upload the Revit Model,
  • Upload IFC, FBX and 3D DWF exports (coming soon)
  • Bulk supersede documents automatically,

Queue things up and work on something else whilst Xrev Transmit uploads all the files in the background...

Centrally Managed Settings

To ensure consistency all the settings for an office deployment can be located in a central location. No need to input the same information more than once...

  • Saved Settings By Client / By Company / By Project for reuse on the next project.
  • Unlimited Number of Combinations of Output Formats
  • Pre-define all your DWG/DXF Output Requirements such as Version, Naming, Coordinates etc.
  • Pre-define all your PDF/DWF Output Requirements such as Paper Size, Quality etc.
  • Require Access Permission Controls? Allow only the BIM Manager to define these Settings to ensure users don’t make unwanted changes, or give everyone access, it’s up to you.
Centrally Managed Settings
Cancel All

Cancel All

Made a mistake?

With a tool that can do so much at a time we thought it was important to be able to cancel all easily. We are conscious of the environment and hate to see paper wasted.

Unlike the Revit User Interface, our interface is responsive when busy and you can see exactly how your issue is progressing and choose to Cancel at anytime or repeat a failed task.

Minimum System Requirements

Most likely if you are running Revit you’ll have all the requirements all ready to run Xrev transmit!

Operating Systems (32 bit and 64bit versions)

  • Windows 8, 10 & 11
  • Windows 7
  • Window Vista
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 2003



Word Transmittal Generation (not required)

  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2007 with XPS Addon

Revit Versions

  • Revit Architecture 2012 to 2024 OR
  • Revit Structure 2012 to 2024 OR
  • Revit MEP 2012 to 2024 OR
  • Revit 2012 to 2024


Unit Systems

  • Supports Metric & Imperial



  • English

Aconex Integration

Integrate Autodesk Revit with Aconex

The most widely-used online collaboration platform in the world for construction, infrastructure, energy and resources projects just got better!

Aconex is so powerful because of its ability to search, track and share project information with the entire project team. The key to its success is ensuring that all the documents published into the system have the required fields completed.

As most Autodesk Revit users know, many of these fields match those that already exist in Revit. Xrev Transmit leverages this information to pre-populate as many of these fields as possible and turns the process of issuing/sharing Revit Sheets and Models into one simple, fast workflow!

Generate the required issue formats

Xrev Transmit effortlessly generates all the required issue formats from your Autodesk Revit model in a single workflow. Whether you need PDF's, DWG's, DWF's, DWFx's, DGN's, or DXF's of your Autodesk Revit sheets or the RVT of the Autodesk Revit model, it doesn't matter. Queue them all up at once and watch as all of the files are created with your company standard settings and naming protocols.

Support for other 3D formats is coming soon!

Upload/Publish Autodesk Revit documents

Now that Xrev Transmit has generated the required issue formats, simply select which ones are to be uploaded on to Aconex. If previous versions of the documents already exist on Aconex, Xrev Transmit will detect this and automatically supersede these as required.

Pre-Populate Aconex fields with Revit Parameter Information

Many of the required fields within Aconex can be pre-populated with the parameter information from your Autodesk Revit model. Xrev Transmit will pre-populate:

  • Document Number, Revision, Title, Dates, Scale
  • Additional fields and "mapping" of parameters is coming soon.

Any remaining fields can be filled out directly within the easy to use Xrev Transmit interface.


  • 'One stop Print shop' for Revit.

    Sherman Powell | National Revit Manager | SPP Group says:

    My favourite feature is being able to name the files how you want. This is fully customisable with Xrev transmit. Also another great feature is being able to fully customise the word format transmittal to a company standard.

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  • We absolutely love the product.

    Andrew Nolan | Documentation Manager | Struxi says:

    We absolutely love the product.  The product has exceeded our expectations and was a pleasure to use.  It makes tasks that have always been tedious and often avoided or passed to juniors to complete fast and dare I say it, “enjoyable&am

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  • so happy with the time savings

    Kris McIsaac | Suters Architects says:

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  • Xrev has made our print process much faster

    Leigh Sullivan | Hyder Consulting says:

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  • Great product

    Cam Crossley | Crossley Architects says:

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