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Here at Xrev we don’t just do Revit API tools. ¬†As we have extensive project based experience, we assist companies with Revit Implementation, Training and the absolute best Revit content development available.

Below you can see an image of just some of the great content we have been creating for Design Content, an online Revit Content service.

This is just some of the sanitaryware/plumbing equipment I’ve been creating the past month. Of course all are face based, have options to cut the host, correct connectors, taphole options, pedestal/shroud options, material options, symbolic representation in plan/elevation for documentation to keep things looking clear, model elements on their own sub-category so they can be turned off if needed, will make penetrations for wastes if desired.

Let us know if you would use them!

Sanitaryware Revit content created by Xrev

Water Filters Revit Content created by Xrev

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