Xrev Transmit – Official Release Date

Hi Everyone,

The launch date of our first product Xrev Transmit is looming closer!

Xrev Transmit will be available to purchase from this website on the 31/03/2011 or 01/04/2011 depending on your time zone.

Secure your purchase as soon as possible and take advantage of the introductory pricing!

After 12 months of development Xrev has developed a powerful Sheet Issuing and inbuilt transmittal functionality for Revit.

A limited 30 day trial will be available for those that want to try things out before purchasing.  But please note that the introductory pricing will not last, so don’t miss out!

Features include:

  • Powerful centralised settings for standards control in your office.
  • Optional Transmittal generation (for check prints and when using online or other document manage systems).
  • Complete naming convention control using Revit parameters.
  • Intelligent output location control with modular functionality so you can automatically place all your files in their correct location.
  • Multi-project file support for projects made of multiple revit files/buildings and sheets spread across them.
  • Ease to use wizard / step by step interface.
  • Simultaneous creation of PDF’s, DWG’s, DWFx, Hard Copies to multiple printers with one quick setup.
  • A team of Revit developers committed to making it is intuitive, feature enriched and as easy to use as possible.

Over the next week or two we’ll also be releasing some updates further adding to Xrev’s feature summary as well as adding support for the Revit 2012 suite of products.

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