Xrev Transmit – Available Now!

Hi Everyone,

Xrev Transmit can now be purchased.  After a significantly longer development process, and an increased feature list we still have managed to keep the pricing as we originally advertised!  But only for the next 30 days… So get in quick!!

1 seat = $199 + $30 subscription/seat

2-10 seats = $149 + $30 subscription/seat

11+ seats = $99 + $30 subscription/seat

Subscription for the first 12 months is included and cannot be removed. This entitles you to all updates and support during this period.

We will constantly improve Xrev Transmit by adding additional features!

NOTE: There is currently a small bug on our website that if you click on the slides on the homepage it will incorrectly link you to our staging site.  We will fix this on Monday 4th April, so current please use the menu bar on the website to navigate to the product page.

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