Xrev Transmit – Build 1.2.11

Monday 17/10/2011 we had an issue reported where a user was finding that their walls/columns weren’t showing up in their DWG export when using Xrev Transmit on Autodesk Revit 2011.  It took some testing but we were able to pinpoint the issue which appears to have been a bug in Revit 2011 that was resolved in Revit 2012.

It occurred when a plan view was in wireframe, switching to hidden line the export worked fine in Xrev Transmit.  There is an option in the API for “Forced Hidden Line Removal” which is supposed to be only applicable in 3D Views.  As such, Xrev Transmit just leaves this setting at its default which is “false”.  We discovered if we switched this option to “True” all the columns/walls would correctly show up in the output DWG file.

Once we discovered the issue, we could simply add a setting in Xrev Transmit so the user can change this option as needed.  If you experience this issue please update to build 1.2.11 or later.  We have set the default option for this to be “True” and it can be found in your DWG export options.

PS.  We find it really strange that setting an option that sounds like its job is to “remove lines” fixes an issue where lines were disappearing??? The quirks of the Revit API…

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