Xrev Transmit – Build 1.2.10

We’ve recently addressed a few minor issues:

  • When adding Xrev Transmit – Issue command to the quick access toolbar there was no logo,
  • “Issue Name” was not substituting when doing an “Untracked Issue”
  • Added the “Issue Reason” to the summary tab of an “Untracked issue”
  • A sheet may not show when doing an appended transmittal if you started a new project, setup the sheets, then saved as for another building and renumbered the same sheets to be non-duplicates.  This was because internally we were tracking the sheets by their unique ID.  Using Save as does not reset the ID’s so this meant that it was possible to have two sheets in different files with different sheet numbers but with the same “Unique ID”.  As such, certain sheets may not show up in your transmittal because Xrev Transmit thought it was already entered.

We believe we have addressed all outstanding bugs (with the exception of certain dodgy printer drivers/printer permissions that can cause the Revit API to play up).  If you do experience any issues please don’t hesitate to report them to us as we consider all bug fixes as priority 1.

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