Xrev Transmit – Version 1.2.3

You asked and we listened!

New Features

  1. You can now use custom Project Information & Sheet Category parameters in your folder outputs and naming conventions.
  2. We have added the ability to include the Issue Reason in folder outputs and naming conventions.
  3. We have added the ability to use a custom “Issue Name” parameter which is free form text you can use to label each issue with it’s own unique description then use it in your output folders and naming conventions.
  4. Added a new Post Processing command to allow you to run a series of actions on the produced files.  Simply select a batch file or executable to run after the process and do things like:
    1. Copy files to an FTP server or upload to your document management system.
    2. Delete the PCP, BAK or image files.
    3. Run AutoCAD scripts on the DWG files to have them meet your AutoCAD standards.
    4. Or whatever else you can image…  Samples have been provided in our installation in the installation directory.
  5. Specify the global default options for “Reasons for Issue” and “Formats Profile”.
  6. Specify and use your own Custom Revision parameter instead of the inbuilt “Current Revision” parameter in Revit.
  7. Specify By Project Overrides for:
    1. Transmittal Output Location and Naming Convention,
    2. Custom Revision Parameter
    3. Post Processing
    4. Project Default Format Profile

Download the Update now

Xrev Transmit v1.2.3 New Features



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