Xrev Transmit – Revit 2012 Support Released

We have just uploaded the Revit 2012 version of Xrev Transmit.

We’ve actually managed to be quite clever about it.  Xrev Transmit can share the same database for Revit 2011 and 2012.  That means if you need to change any settings, they are changed instantly in both versions by only changing it one.

Due to some code fixes in the Revit 2012 API, the 2012 version also now supports setting of the Export Layers File through the Formats tab.  Previously in 2011 this feature in the API was broken.  Similarly in the 2011 API the “xref views on sheet” setting was broken, but Autodesk have now fixed this so this option now correctly behaves in Xrev Transmit 2012.

Any feedback is welcomed.

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