Xrev Transmit – New Features: November 2013

On Friday we released a new build with a couple of few minor new features which I wanted to elaborate on.

The Report Designer based Matrix Transmittal template now supports fields for “Current Revision” and “Document Count”.

Current Revision is very useful when you just want to see the most current revision for each document in a single column, rather than required a user to scroll back through the history to determine what the current revision is.

Document Count could be placed at the bottom of each Issue column, and gives you a quantity of exactly how many different sheets were issued.  This could be useful for the recipient to verify they have in fact received all the hard copies by doing a quick count of the sheets to see if it matches the “Document Count” total.

To use either of these fields in your Transmittal template, just drag and drop them on your report, to where you’d like them!

We have also implemented additional capabilities with our licensing.  Currently when you activate Xrev Transmit through the user interface the activation is only valid for that particular user.  This is because it would require administrator privileges for all user activation.

As installation is always completed in Administrator mode, we have now added the ability when using the command line installation (refer to our help file), to activate the software for all users.  Further work is planned to make this possible via the user interface as well…

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