Xrev Transmit – Matrix Transmittals is here!

After many requests, and a lot of sleepless nights we’ve finally released the Matrix Transmittals version of Xrev Transmit.

Download Build 201x.3.5

Some of the feedback we’ve had so far:

“I downloaded the new Xrev Transmit 2014 its fantastic…!”

“The prospect of not having to complete another transmittal in excel again is very satisfying!”

“Very cool indeed!”

“I’ve just loaded the new Xrev Transmit, congratulations on the update the Matrix Transmittal is great”

“The Report Designer is great!  So easy to customise!”


Sample-Completed Transmittal


New features include:

  • Transmittal functionality has been restored for Revit 2014 however it is vastly improved, now supporting full history/matrix transmittals
  • We have implemented a very powerful Report Designer with a few templates to get you started.  We will be uploading videos in the coming days to explain how to use the new designer.  That said, its very intuitive, simply drag and drop to add a field to the report!
  • We’ve maintained support for Microsoft Word Templates on “per issue” templates, but you will need to make some minor tweaks to the field names.
  • Additional fields are now possible on the Transmittal.  EG: List out for each sheet, the scales on the sheet and the paper size
  • Recipient/Distribution List Creation/Management
  • We’ve added the ability to Manage Transmittals, for example if you make a mistake and need to delete one so it doesn’t display in the history…
  • Shift & Control Selection functionality has been implemented to make it that much quicker to select the information you want
  • Right Click “Copy to Selected” functionality has been added to allow quick population of meta data for Aconex and the Transmittal
  • We’ve restored and enhanced the Duplicate features, so you can easily duplicate a Profile or a format
  • We’ve added the ability to show the Revit model on the transmittal
  • Validation, Validation, Validation!!  All of our settings have had a tremendous amount of work done in the background to ensure the settings you use always work and won’t allow invalid information
  • More Advanced Naming Rules/Output Location functions including Prefix/Suffix, Default Values if a parameter is blank, Text alignment in file names, Padding out and formatting of parameters, specify fields as optional in a naming convention!  Again we will be generating some videos explaining how all this works and updating the help files.
  • Added settings to configure Paper Sizes, Issue Methods & Issue Reasons
  • Added an option for “Autodetect paper size” for PDF that works very similar to DWF.  NOTE: this is a work in progress and there are currently a couple of quirks with Revit that we are trying to work through with Autodesk.  If you have issues with this, just let us know and we can provide some assistance.

Here is a video just briefly showing some of the functionality:

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