Xrev Transmit – Build 1.2.13 & Breaking News

Earlier this week I was helping one of our customers customise their Xrev Transmit Document Transmittal template to match their office standards.  In doing so it required that I include some of the “content controls” or “merge fields” of the template in the header of the document.

After some testing I realised that the fields located in the header or footer were not correctly being substituted with the parameter information from Revit.  After a quick word to our developer, he discovered the cause of the issue and resolved it.  The 1.2.13 build will now allow you to locate the fields within a header or footer of the word template.

For those that have already purchased Xrev Transmit.  BREAKING NEWS! We are rewarding all our early adopters!  We have decided that Xrev Transmit PRO will no longer be a separate product.  Instead we will integrate these features directly into Xrev Transmit.  Naturally as the functionality increases in the future, prices will need to adjust accordingly.  But as you’ve already purchased you don’t need to pay any more, just keep your subscription current!

Features to be integrated include:

  • Historical Issue Information storage,
  • Matrix/Full History Transmittals/Registers
  • Support for more advanced SQL database types
  • Integration with online document management systems
  • Integration with internal document management systems
  • Track/Search for what sheets have been received by whom and who hasn’t received the latest information
  • Excel like selection/editing in tables
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