Xrev Transmit – Beta 0.1.4 Released

A few days in and we’ve already released two updates resolving some issues. Our beta team are doing a great job with 3 of our testers already diving deep into the product making suggestions for future enhancements/changes. We’ve also had a few late requests to join the beta which we’ve been happy to oblige.

To save our testers having to constantly download new versions ever day we don’t plan to keep up this pace of releasing a new build ever day! This will now reduce to probably 1 update a week. Thankfully updates are quick and easy, with most users only needing to download a 6MB file which installs in a matter of seconds! Keeping updated is very easy.

Generally on the Xrev website, when the product goes live there will be a number of very obvious buttons for purchasing and downloading trial versions as well as making the pricing much easy to find. I know a number of visitors have gone searching our site, but this is all currently disabled until we make things live! As for Xrev Sheets and PRO we will add more information on these pages once Transmit goes live as its currently occupying all our resources to get it to you as soon as possible.

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