Xrev Transmit – 2013 release update

It seems that our users are keen to update to Revit 2013, but won’t do so until Xrev Transmit supports it for fear of having to go back to the “old way” of issuing drawings.

Once you’ve used it, you realise how tedious issuing really is!!

Please be advised that we are working on getting this to our users as soon as possible!  As some of you may be aware we’ve been feverishly working on an all new version with many improvements.  The big new feature being direct integration with Aconex.  Working with external API’s is always a bit unpredictable in terms of estimating time frames, but we are getting very close.

Thank you for all renewing your subscription, when we release the new version you will immediately be receiving an email with your new serial number supporting the new version.

We are really hoping to release this by next Friday 11th May – but no promises!

Keep the kind words coming and spread the word of this great tool so we can keep developing similar indispensable tools!

NOTE: This will also coincide with the release of Xrev Freebies.

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