Xrev Transmit – March Update

Hi All,

Well at this stage we are at Beta 0.1.9 which is the most robust and stable release to date. It looks like we’ve now addressed all known issues caused by external factors effecting stability. Such as, slow computers, bodgy printer drivers, updating issues caused by mapped drives, Autodesk Revit Extensions being installed or other less friendly code from third party addin developers just to name a few.

There are still 2 known bugs, which we have developed fixes before, but those that  currently effected are willing to hold out a little longer until the next beta release where we’ll have some new features added for testing. Hopefully that should be this week.

Provided we don’t come across too many more bug reports we hope to have the official release to market by the end of this month!

Known Bugs:

  • Printing to hard copy currently prints in an order dictated by when the sheets were created. This seems to be an internal limitation of the API. The solution – to send print jobs one at a time, the disadvantage – other print jobs could potentially get slipped in between. However, this is how Revit currently prints using its internal print command…
  • When accessing the settings module from a project with no sheets and no project number it caused an exception.
  • When updating it could potentially fail to update if the database file had been previously overwritten with an older version.
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