RTC Australasia 2014 – Family Creation Overdrive

As you may know, RTC is fast approaching and begins at the end of the month in Melbourne.  As always, I will be running a LAB.  This time on Family creation and aiming at covering examples for MEP, Structural and Architectural families..


Manufacturer Ceiling Cassette A/C

I love to get feedback prior to these classes so what we cover is what you are expecting and the attendees get the maximum out of it.  As this is only a 75 minute lab including question time, we aren’t going to have the time to go through the creation of families from start to finish.  Instead we’ll be finishing off some families I’ve already pieced together, including:

  • Round Duct Tee Fitting – looking at using integers to drive geometry, but we’ll also look at how this family uses some pretty tricky trigonometry to ensure the fitting is centralised regardless of the angle.
  • Structural Purlin – Symbolic Line offset in plan to more clearly display lapping of beams.  Here we’ll use a Yes/No parameter to drive the offset
  • Window family, that essentially is a curtain wall replacement family, so it can be more easily scheduled.  In this I’ll show you how we can use a Yes/No parameter to make the mullions equally spaced, whilst still allowing the user to specify the mullion exact spacing if they want.  We’ll also look at how we can have any panel be a fixed, casement or awning window.
  • Providing time doesn’t get away from us, we’ll look at some manufacturer content and how we can specific a voltage range in a family, and ensure its always within this range.  Generating Polynomial equations using excel to assist in simplifying your Revit formulas.  Locking down all parameters that the end user shouldn’t be messing with, to make it easier to use and unbreakable.

With everything we do there will be a focus on using ANZRS along with looking at some of the new Revit 2015 family stuff such as parameter sorting and tooltips.

If there are some alternative suggestions you’d like to make, then now is the time!  But note I have to have these handouts completed by Thursday so let me know quick!

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