Xrev Sheets is coming soon and compliments Xrev Transmit by automating the tedious tasks related to Autodesk Revit “sheets” to save you time and money. 


Take the pain out of creating and managing your drawing sheets, increasing productivity and ensuring consistency

Below is a list of anticipated features:

  • Enforce/Define standard numbering sequences;
  • Enforce/Define standard sheet names;
  • Enforce/Define text case preference;
  • Predefine standard sheet lists;
  • Set and control Revit Title Block features such as North Pointers, Issue Stamps, Graphical Scales, etc;
  • Renumber Sheets or insert sheets with automatic renumbering;
  • Edit sheet parameters in bulk;
  • Import sheets from external files;
  • Manage sheet sets;
  • Use Sheet Templates; and
  • Easy to Use, Install and Setup.


Contact us to become a beta testing partner today!


Please note, features are subject to change.

 Xrev Sheets - Coming Soon!